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WHAT?!?! Wednesday

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This week’s WHAT?!?! Wednesday comes from an online source.

I was sent a post from a representative of a company that I will not reveal that instructed people to dilute essential oils AND…wait for it… “spray it in the eyes for dryness.”

Now as I told the person that sent this to me, please, please, please, please DO NOT EVER PUT ESSENTIAL OILS IN YOUR EYES! NEVER EVER!


This could be you if you put EO in your eye. (Photo credit


Ain’t it purdy? This person put EO in their eye and guess what happened? They are blind in that eye, and it isn’t the kind of blind that glasses can help with.  Not to mention in undoubtedly burned like all of hells fire. So please whether you are the user or the seller of essential oils, DO NOT tell people to spray it in their eyes.

Now that we have cleared that up, lets move on to safe ways to use essential oils near the eyes…you CAN put a single drop lavender oil in your mascara. That can promote lash growth, extend the life of your mascara, strengthen and volumize your lashes.

Even still a word of caution, it might irritate your eyes, it is a risk.

Much Gratitude,


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