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Sunscreen or No Sunscreen?

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WBRN_the-sunI have seen a lot of social media posts lately about the benefits (from dermatologist friends) and harmful aspects (from crunchy friends) of sunscreen and sun exposure in general. Today I thought I would share what my family do for sunscreen (or lack there of) and why.

Let’s start with the sun. Good or Bad?

Well, the sun provides us with a lot of a very important benefits, such as vitamin D (which is important for your immune system and a ton of other stuff). It is a critical part of disease prevention. The sun can also work as a natural anti-depressant.


Can you have too much of a good thing?

Of course! If you are planning on roasting in the sun from sun-up to sun-down…that is going to be way too much!

What is my routine?

For starters I take a very important vitamin everyday without fail (well a couple actually):


Omega 3

Vitamin D (in the winter)

Astaxanthin specifically prevents me from getting sunburned. I may get a little pink, but never burned. Follow this link for a little information on why that is.  This supplement is amazing for many reasons but it helps protect the skin from damaging rays in the same way it protects seaweed/algae from burning. Consider it an internal sunscreen.

Secondly, I try not to go out in the sun for the entirety of the hours 12-3pm. Now not to say I won’t get out in the sun for 30 minutes or so during that time. I just avoid being in the sun the entire 3 hours.

If I do have to be out during that time, I opt for light UV protectant clothing OR a sunscreen that is free from petrochemicals (yes you will have to go to your local health food store.

The Honest Co has a good one here.

And here is another of my favorites here.

What about the kids?

Well, since my kids aren’t old enough to take the Astaxanthin (they do take Omega 3 and Vitamin D) I am slightly more liberal with the sunscreen, but only slightly. The same basic principles apply, and when choosing sunscreens we opt for the safest we can find (see above).

If you would like some additional information about the Sun and its benefits and sunscreen and its scary stuff… check out these links:

Scientists Blow the Lid Off the Sunscreen Myth

Why Kids Need Sun

Why You Shouldn’t Shun the Sun

The Ingredients in Sunscreen that Are Bad For Your Health

What do I do IF (and I mean hasn’t happened in a while) IF I get burned?

I mix a sunscreen spray that removes the burn and itch and provides instant relief. It contains an aromatic blend of essential oils. I supplement that with some real aloe vera (off of a plant not out of a bottle) and it never lasts more than a day.

What are your thoughts and experiences? Head over to my Facebook Page: Http:// and lets talk about it!

Much gratitude,


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