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New Moon August 14th

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So the new moon is upon us!

This new moon is on August 14th (next Friday). Most agree that the moon’s energy is most powerful in the first 8 hours after it occurs, but as long as you complete your new moon ritual in the first 48 hours after the new moon begins you are good to go with taking advantage of the moon’s energy.

New moons are when you want to write down and create the wishes that you want to manifest during the moon cycle.

My friend Jen Blumenthal over at has a wonderful Moon Wishing Course (find it here—bonuses are no longer available I still follow her New Moon and Full Moon Rituals for Moon Wishing and I get my kids in on it, too!

You can write or draw your wishes in a journal. You can have a gathering of your friends and ask them to each bring a flower or herb or favorite essential oil and create your wishes together. You can write a letter of gratitude to a spiritual teacher that has been important to you in your journey.

So what do you do with a new moon? How do you create something fun and effective to manifest everything you ever wanted?

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