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Natural Sunscreen Avoid Chemicals

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WBRN_the-sunTypically by this time of year, my family is well on its way to magnificent tans and gorgeous days on our boat. This year is it unlikely that the flood waters will recede before boating season is over, and then… well the debris in the water and displaced things may make the lake downright hazardous for a while.

But I realize that just because we aren’t getting the sunny summer we hoped for, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a great need for the same sun protection that we always do… we love being outdoors so the sun will be a concern regardless.

So do you use sunscreen? Do you buy the aerosol cans? Do you put it on no matter the time of day you are outdoors?

As you may already know, I have a background in traditional medicine. I am still connected to a lot of people from that background. So on my social media newsfeed it is often a battle of my MD/RN friends that are harping on the benefits of sunscreen and my more crunchy friends that are harping on the horrors of sunscreen.

Let’s start with the sun. Good or bad?

Well, the sun provides us with a lot of a very important benefits, such as vitamin D (which is important for your immune system and a ton of other stuff). It is a critical part of disease prevention. The sun can also work as a natural anti-depressant.

Can you have too much of a good thing?

Well, heck yes! If you are planning on roasting in the sun from sun up to sun down, you are going to find yourself in a considerable amount of pain and have some lasting side effects.

So what is an outdoor lover or even an occasionally outdoors person to do?

For starters, I take a very important vitamin everyday without fail (well a couple actually):

Astaxanthin (here is the brand I buy)

Omega 3 (here is my favorite brand)

Vitamin D (in the winter) (this is my fav)

Astaxanthin specifically prevents me from getting sunburned. I may get a little pink, but never burned. Follow this link for a little information on why that is.

This supplement is amazing for many reasons, but it helps protect the skin from damaging rays in the same way it protects seaweed/algae from burning. Consider it an internal sunscreen.

Secondly, I try not to go out in the sun for the entirety of the hours 12-3pm. Now not to say I won’t get out in the sun for 30 minutes or so during that time. I just avoid being in the sun the entire 3 hours.

If I do have to be out during that time, I opt for light UV protectant clothing OR a sunscreen that is free from petrochemicals (yes, you will have to go to your local health food store).

The Honest Co. has a good one here. I actually found this one at Costco a couple weeks ago for half price! So you may check there, as well. It is also what I opt for on my kids.

And here is another of my favorites here. Raw Elements can be hard to rub in though, but their face stick is pretty darn handy.

What is your favorite sun tip? Share it with me at

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