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My Protective Bubble

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protective_bubbleSo, do you have a ritual or certain steps you take every time you leave the house? Maybe you turn off the lights? Grab your phone? Grab your keys? Make sure your pets are secure?

We do all of that. But we also put on our energetic protective bubble before we leave. I have two girls, and our bubbles are pink, but you can make yours whatever color you want it to be.

When we leave or right before we leave, we visualize a pink bubble encompassing us and whatever means of travel we are taking, maybe its us and the vehicle we are in (and all of the occupants) or it is the airplane or a group of us walking or when we are all alone, just encompassing us.

Then silently we recite “Thank you for allowing me/us to move/travel in harmony with my true-self, Mother Nature, others and my surroundings.”

This is a variation on what my mom taught us, same principle but shows you that you can adapt it to fit your needs. She does the same visualization but says, “I/We will travel in harmony with Mother Nature, myself/ourselves and those around us.”

Doing this each time we leave assures that we move in harmony and stay safe energetically and physically.

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