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Kids + Crystals

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amethyst-265338__180My crystal collection is growing, and my kids are drawn to their energy!

At first I was totally against this, and I would tell them not to touch my crystals for fear they would lose or break them.

Now I have started to include them in the things I do with them and discuss what their uses might be for and always let them touch and experience them. (I don’t let them play with them unsupervised, though.

This past spring while in Colorado, I bought each of my children their own starter collection of stones and crystals. It was their favorite souvenir ever! (Score in the who is the fav parent contest!)

A lot of people wonder though, are there benefits to letting your kiddos play and work with your crystals?

I say, yes!

See kiddos are often deeply connected to nature and the natural world. Which is why they naturally gravitate towards them even at young ages.

Here are a few ways you can let your kids use healing crystals (amend for age appropriateness):

  • Allow the child to wear the crystal on the body in jewelry.
  • Keep it on their person, maybe in their pocket or tied to a belt loop or shoelace.
  • Under or inside a pillowcase or on a bedside table or windowsill. Maybe even a geode as a permanent fixture in their bedroom.
  • Placed in their bathwater or at the edge of the tub.
  • Held during meditation (Yes, kids can meditate! Check out

You can cleanse the crystals periodically with water for actual dirt and stickiness that comes with kids and clean them energetically by placing them in the moonlight.

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