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Kids and Sunscreen

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sea-789767_640Last week I wrote about how I avoid the use of sunscreen for most of the summer so that I can soak up the benefits of all that sunny goodness.

As I sat down to write this week, I thought…speaking of kids. If you remember, the sun is a great source of vitamin D (which is important for your immune system and a ton of other stuff). It is a critical part of disease prevention. The sun can also work as a natural anti-depressant. So I encourage you to let your kids spend some time in it unprotected.

The best times to do this are in the morning and late afternoon.

If I do have to be out during that time, I opt for light UV protectant clothing OR a sunscreen that is free from petrochemicals (yes, you will have to go to your local health food store).

The Honest Co. has a good one here. I actually found this one at Costco a couple weeks ago for half price! So you may check there, as well. It is also what I opt for on my kids.

And here is another of my favorites here. Raw Elements can be hard to rub in though, but their face stick is pretty darn handy.

My adult routine includes an internal sunscreen. My kiddos aren’t old enough to take Astaxanthin (but they do take Omega 3 and Vitamin D) so I am slightly more liberal with sunscreen with them, but only slightly. The same basic principles apply, and when choosing sunscreens we opt for the safest we can find.

For a ton more information on sunscreen and its scary stuff….check out these links:

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