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WHAT?!?!? Wednesday

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I am trying something new today, I like to focus on positive things that are happening in holistic health but sometimes I think it is important to dispel some of the guidance that people are giving out online and in some (not all) MLM essential oil companies. This weeks “WHAT?!?! Wednesday” was overheard at a birthday party over the weekend.

Ladies (who I don’t know) standing around chatting about essential oils and ones says, “Well I put 5 drops of Lemon in my water everyday, so it keeps my body detoxified.”


Now, I know better than to walk up and drop some knowledge on them, (people don’t take kindly to that) so I just quietly listened as they chatted it up about how great that was and all of these “signs” their body was detoxifying. I was biting my tongue so hard I nearly drew blood.

Want to know the truth about ingesting oils in your water all day long? Here’s the scoop on whether taking EO internally is right for you.

First lets start with who told you to take your essential oils internally, was it your local clinical aromatherapist? Or was it a person with no official training selling oils from an online or multi-level-marketing company? 

I cannot say it any better than Amy Kreydin over at The Barefoot Dragonfly, she says “Let’s say you have an unopened half ounce bottle of lavender essential oil in your home right now. There’s about 300 drops of essential oil in that bottle. If you store it in a cool, dark space you can anticipate that this bottle will have a shelf life of around five years. Which gives you 60 drops a year for a total of five years. Of those 60 drops you could have a monthly aromatic bath all year long, or make four 1oz massage oil blends. If you’re putting a drop in a glass of water you’re a cash cow client! You might be told to amp up your routine and do 2 drops, or 3. You could go through two bottles of lavender essential oil before a year is up at that rate. And that spells big money!”

While some essential oils can be useful in well-diluted concoctions like toothpaste, shampoo, salves and lotions, it is generally recognized by professionals that there is rarely a need to take essential oils internally, they are best and most directly absorbed through inhalation primarily and skin application secondarily (diluted).

Now, there are some circumstances when EO’s can be taken internally, this should be done in an ingest-able caplet UNDER the advice and guidance of a trained clinical aromatherapist, practitioner or doctor. There are many considerations to take into account.

Bottom line is taking lemon oil in your water daily or in a capsule daily, indefinitely, is not a good habit.  You will damage your body over time and do more harm than good. It can actually cause toxicity in the body and blood stream, damage the liver, erode the stomach lining and esophagus, damage the teeth and many other harmful side effects. 

Much gratitude,


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