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Goodbye Asthma

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Below I give my account of my daughter being diagnosed with and holistically treating seasonal . We use a combination of drops for asthma as well as essential oils for asthma.I want to preface this information with a couple of things: 1- I am a trained medical professional and I am extremely cautious when weening my child off of inhalers. 2- I have always kept back up rescue inhalers readily available. 3- There are different types of asthma, some more severe than others. Always work with a healthcare professional or holistic health professional or a combination of the two to find a plan that is right for you or your child.

One fall, when my youngest daughter was 2 years old, she came down with a really nasty respiratory virus. Late one night we ended up in the Urgent Care because her fever was high, and she was having trouble getting enough air. The physician at the Urgent Care suggested that the virus was effecting Katie worse than others because she has asthma.During that visit, Katie had a breathing treatment and we narrowly escaped being admitted to the hospital due to her low blood oxygen level.  We left that night with a routine inhaler to use twice daily (an inhaled steroid) and a rescue inhaler to use every 4 hours for the first 2 weeks and then as needed.

That visit scared me so much, that we used those inhalers just like we were supposed to all the way up until summer.

During the summer we stopped the inhalers. I truly believe that there are many, many reasons NOT to give a kid daily systemic steroids if you can avoid it.  Inhaled steroids can cause candida of the mouth and can wreck teeth. Prolonged use can lead to high blood pressure, skin issues, and many other long term health concerns.

I was determined to use holistic medications, so I went for what I knew and I made her an asthma blend of essential oils.

Using this blend of essential oils, we made it through the fall and into late winter, when it struck again. Her asthma returned. Looking back, I believe that we slacked off, thinking we had “made it” past her trigger season and that we were in the clear.

We ended up back on inhalers through the spring and into the summer.  This fall I knew we HAD to have a better plan. And we did. We are almost through winter, and we finally found a regime that works for Katie. Our plan is two-fold:

1. Katie takes sublingual homeopathic drops each morning. 3 drops right under her tongue.  She also gets these drops anytime she has ANY symptoms of an asthma attack, excessive coughing, wheezing or any other symptom associated with a respiratory condition. (My mom actually found it for us).

The drops that work for us are Newton’s Homeopathic, we use their Asthma Rescue~Cough product. You can find it here.2. We use an Asthma Blend roll-on that I created.

diluted in Fractionated Coconut Oil

And finally for us, this works. This year we have been off ALL of inhaled steroids. Now we can say, “what asthma?”

As always, feel free to email your questions by directly replying to this email or post them to the Facebook page.

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