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Get Grounded Indoors

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Okay, last week we talked about the importance of the Earth’s energy. What do you do if you live in the city? Maybe there isn’t a patch of earth for a long ways, or maybe your work inside ALL day and can’t get outside, much less outside bare foot.

There are solutions for you, too! But, I will say natural contact is most beneficial when you can get it.

If you are indoors, here is what you can do:

1-Use an Earthing Mat. (This is the best deal I have found.) You simply connect the mat to your “Ground” plug outlet that is grounding your home, and you can place your bare feet on the mat while you work.

2-Use an Earthing Sheet. It’s highly unlikely I can convince you to go take a nap on the ground outside naked, much less sleep out there. But this little half sheet (best deal I can find is the next best thing. Use it on your bed at night to vastly improve your nights sleep and body inflammation while you sleep. (I just purchased one and I will be reviewing it soon!)

3-Earthing or Grounding Shoes. There are tons of places to find these shoes, but most often I recommend simply kicking off your shoes. Grounding shoes have come a long way, but they aren’t a replacement for good ol’fashioned bare feet.

4-Energetically Grounding. There are numerous techniques available to energetically ground yourself or your home. The simplest is to visualize a cord from your body directly to the center of the earth. I have also taught and been taught in yoga to balance flat feet on the floor and receive energy from the earths core. My friend Amy Scott Grant also has some cool ground techniques here.

5- DoTerra’s Grounding Blend is a great essential oil combination to use when you are feeling stressed or unbalanced. For more information on a wholesale account, check here.


Can’t wait to hear all about you getting grounded! LOL

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