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Bumps, Rashes and Other Itchy Things

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mosquito-719613_640Do you live in an area that is invaded by mosquitos, flies and biting gnats this time of year?

Right now with the waters up so high from all the rain and the standing puddles in the construction zone next door, we are infested with them. Every bug seems to bite. And not just when we go to spend a ton of time outdoors…it happens every time we step outside of our house!

So what to do? We could cover our skin with OFF full of DEET and other dangerous chemicals, but since bug spray has now become the scent of the day just to leave the house…avoiding continuous use of these types of chemicals are important.

Instead we make our own anti-biting bug sprays with essential oils. It smells the same as OFF and other traditional bug sprays but it doesn’t have all of the dangerous chemicals.

doterra terrashieldI prefer ’s Terra Shield. Sometimes I use it straight from the bottle (it is actually a diluted blend).

You can do a ton, with this blend.

You can:

  • Apply it directly to your body to prevent bug bites.
  • Mix it with some witch hazel and make a spray for the same purposes.
  • Add it to a candle to make any candle a bug repelling candle.

The great thing about Terra Shield is that it doesn’t smell as “bug spray-y” as other alternatives and even other essential oil blends.

If you or children get bit frequently, here is a great podcast from Amy Scott Grant on the metaphysical connection for bumps, rashes and bites. When my oldest had a strange rash all over her, it was because she needed more mommy attention. Listen in and see what you can learn.

You can also treat just about anything that itches, burns or stings with Lavender.

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