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Beating the Winter Blues

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Baby, it’s cold outside.

Well, cold for Texas anyhow. And wet.

The kind of cold that makes us not be able to go outside and play as a family. The kind of cold that you think you can head out for a jog in, only to make it out of the neighborhood and realize the wind is cutting and from the north. So what can you do to help beat the Winter Blues?

Let’s look at several factors.  Typically the main complaints are:

1-Stir crazy/bored
2-Lack of contact with the outdoors/grounding
3-Immune system decrease
4-General feeling down

Here are some simple solutions:

Cure the stir crazies.
I’m not sure about you, but I really really cringe when my kiddo says, “I’m bored.” But the truth is, without the ability to get outside, I kinda am too. I could tell you to search Pinterest for some super parent ideas or get up and move (we do that too, yoga, or sometimes even a nerf gun fight and yes, sometimes we resort to screens, like the TV screen or an iPad screen).

But our very favorite indoor family activity: create.

We will get canvas or copy paper, scissors, glue, paint and just make some stuff. No rules, it doesn’t even have to be a special project, just free-white space to create. Often times we are trying to fill an hour or so and this activity lasts and lasts.

Lack of contact with nature/grounding.
Somewhere inside I have always felt a real and deep contact with nature, earth, outdoors. Now, science proves that bare skin (think feet, but hey, the more the better) contact with the earth (also called grounding or earthing) can reduce inflammation, improve sleep, decrease weight, improve depression, and help a whole other host of issues.

How do you do that when it is 28 degrees?

Well, you could get a grounding pad, and that helps…but it’s just not the same.

OR you could throw caution to the wind, grab a cup of hot tea, cocoa, coffee or whatever your preference is, wrap up in a blanket, and enjoy your bare feet on the ground until your tea is gone. Try it, you will feel better.

Immune System Troubles
How do you take care of your immune system troubles in the winter?

I recommend a hearty dose of an Omega 3 Supplement and a Vitamin D Supplement each day via capsule.
Here is what we take for Vitamin D.You can also diffuse On Guard Essential Oil (Blend of Wild Orange, Clove Bud, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus, Rosemary) or a similar blend in your home or car. My family uses a roll-on of this on the bottom of our feet each morning to help ward off the various viruses that float around this time of year.General feeling down
As an aromatherapist, I often reach for essential oils to brighten up a room and my mood in the winter. Some of my favorites to diffuse or even wear include:

Wild Orange
Clary Sage
Ylang Ylang

There are many others to choose from. Sometimes I even create a custom blend. Next week I will share the oils to choose from to create your own custom blend.

The best cure for the Winter Blues…well SPRING of course! But these should help you get right on your way.

As always, feel free to email your questions by sending an email to or posting/messaging me on the Facebook page.

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