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And then I said YES! to a NEW Exciting Opportunity

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doterraWell, I did it. Yes, I mean I really have gone and done it.

I joined DoTerra.

I know, I know gasp… wait… double gasp… and I deserve a big ‘ol “What the heck?” And possible even a “Did you hit your head on something?”

Here is the thing, you know it had to be a really great opportunity, with a really great team for me to have said yes, right?

Here is the thing, I have the opportunity to change more lives with this, I have the opportunity to be the expert voice in a crowded marketplace that gives really good advice for my fans, their families, and patients.

Behind the scenes over the last few months, I had the choice of three opportunities really…

Option 1: I had been asked and interviewed to write protocols for a new Essential Oil company bringing their product to market.

Option 2: I could continue to promote and sell Plant Therapy, who has an amazing (ah-amaaaazing) product but was quickly becoming a service and execution nightmare (think of packing and shipping all those orders).

Option 3: Work with an amazing team of spiritual, holistic, like-minded individuals helping people properly use an amazing and high quality product, without the hassle of packing, shipping, stocking and inventory.

After carefully considering all of these options:

Option 1: I wasn’t sure about this company and their integrity. They said the right things, but I had that intuitive knowing, that feeling that things weren’t exactly as they seemed.  So I thankfully declined, told the universe a little to the left.

Option 2:  Did I mention inventory? Shipping? Packing? Receiving? Hello, NIGHTMARE. It took me right back to trading dollars for hours and I left that style of business 7 years ago.

Option 3: Is my perfect to the left.

So you may  be wondering….what does that mean for you? For this website? For me?

It means that you can expect the same great information you have always received. You can expect clear clinical advice on how to help your family, yourself and your patients following real guidelines from a Registered Nurse and Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist. Along with the great Aromatherapy information, you can also expect meditation and holistic living information that takes into account the whole body, mind and spirit.

I hope you will continue to read, and learn and participate!


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