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February Incentives for doTERRA Essential Oils

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  Super exciting incentives this month if you sign up for a wholesale account. First, anyone who opens a wholesale account will get a beautiful free bracelet, you can wear the essential oils. Second, when you enroll with a 100 PPV order (such as the Family Physician Kit I talk about in the webinar below) […]


Goodbye Asthma

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Below I give my account of my daughter being diagnosed with and holistically treating seasonal #asthma. We use a combination of #homeopathic drops for asthma as well as essential oils for asthma.I want to preface this information with a couple of things: 1- I am a trained medical professional and I am extremely cautious when […]


Beating the Winter Blues

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Baby, it’s cold outside. Well, cold for Texas anyhow. And wet. The kind of cold that makes us not be able to go outside and play as a family. The kind of cold that you think you can head out for a jog in, only to make it out of the neighborhood and realize the […]


Essential Oils for Migraines

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So you have a migraine… now what? It probably hurts right, maybe you are a little sensitive to light? The good news is that essential oils can help with the pain associated with those headaches. The biggest trick is to make sure you are using oils that don’t trigger migraines for you. Most of my […]

Oh MY, I am considering…DoTerra

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Gosh, I have long been a proponent of inexpensive and non-MLM Essential Oils, and I do still love them. I have been offered an opportunity I may not be able to pass up with DoTerra (who also has awesome oils, they are just priced so very high!). Decisions…decisions. More next week.  


5 Scents to Turn to When Stressed

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Proud to be featured on The Daily Makeover, I worked with author Aly Walansky¬†to come up with scents that are helpful when stressed out. My top choice:   You can view the article here:¬†