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How to Deal When Terror or Tragedy Strikes

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Amy and I recorded this episode of The Half Hour of Universal Awesomeness when the Orlando tragedy unfolded. Given the events that unfolded here in Dallas Thursday night, this is still very pertinent. Have a listen to this full-length, completely complimentary episode. This is a sensitive yet very important topic. This episode is unlikely to […]

holistic immune system support

New October Class! Holistic Support for Immune System

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Class in Your Jams: Learn How to Support Your Family’s Immune System Flu season is right around the corner, and in some parts of the world it is already cough and cold season.  In this roughly hour-long class (from your couch-in your jams) we will learn about many holistic ways to support and strengthen the […]

New Moon August 14th

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So the new moon is upon us! This new moon is on August 14th (next Friday). Most agree that the moon’s energy is most powerful in the first 8 hours after it occurs, but as long as you complete your new moon ritual in the first 48 hours after the new moon begins you are […]

Kids + Crystals

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My crystal collection is growing, and my kids are drawn to their energy! At first I was totally against this, and I would tell them not to touch my crystals for fear they would lose or break them. Now I have started to include them in the things I do with them and discuss what […]

Full Moon Practices Quick + Fun

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The full moon is symbolic of the peak of clarity and fullness, and can help shed light on what is holding you back in your new moon intentions. That is why often times you can use the full moon to cleanse and release. Generally the first 8 hours of the full moon are the most […]