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My Protective Bubble

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So, do you have a ritual or certain steps you take every time you leave the house? Maybe you turn off the lights? Grab your phone? Grab your keys? Make sure your pets are secure? We do all of that. But we also put on our energetic protective bubble before we leave. I have two […]

Is Your Kid Centered?

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Have you ever tried to find Meditations for your kids? Or maybe look up kids meditations only to find stuff geared for way older kids? Or maybe (like me) you looked up meditations for kids only to be told that kids under the age of 10 or so “can’t be taught to meditate.”Well, I would […]

FDA Guidelines FTC Guidelines

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Are you a healer? Essential Oil lover? #doterra, Young Living, or other rep? Here are some guidelines to follow when talking about Essential Oils and other healing or alternative modalities. [FDA Guidelines FTC Guidelines] WORDS TO AVOID In the health care field, certain words have been assigned legal meaning in the state statuses. The state […]